Probiotics Tablets

Probiotics tablets may be taken for a number of conditions, such as:

  • AAD – Antibiotic associated diarrhea – Prevention (II)
    C – Constipation (I)🍁
  • CDAD – Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea – Prevention (I)🍁
    HP – Helicobacter pylori – Adjunct to standard eradication therapy (I)
  • IBD-P – Inflammatory bowel disease – Pouchitis (I)🍁
    IBD-UC – IBD – Ulcerative colitis – Adjunct to standard therapy (I)🍁
  • IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome (I)🍁
  • LH – Liver Health (NASH/NAFLD/MHE; as adjunct to standard therapy; see studies for specific population) (I)
    ID – Infectious diarrhea (II)
  • M/A – Mood and Affect (symptoms related to stress/anxiety; not a substitute for standard treatment) (II)
  • TD – Traveler’s diarrhea prevention (I)
  • OH – Oral health (reductions of tonsillitis, laryngitis, and dental caries) (II)🍁
  • WM – Weight Management (aids in reduction of body weight, body fat mass and waist circumference) (I)🍁

Probiotics Tablets for H.Pylori:

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