Prostate cancer prevention diet

Foods for prostate cancer prevention on a dinner plate with white fish cherry tomatoes vegetables

Prostate cancer prevention A recent prostate study showed that participants who consumed at least 10 portions of tomatoes weekly showed an 18% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer. The study concluded that a high intake of plant foods and tomato products, in particular, may help protect against prostate cancer. Adherence to dietary and lifestyle recommendations…

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Oatmeal Salad

oatmeal berry salad

An oatmeal salad with blueberries, nuts, seeds, kale, and green onions makes an amazing breakfast. It is life changing. oatmeal berry salad  

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Gluten Free Food

A gluten-free diet is a treatment for celiac disease. Some people are sensitive to gluten, even though they don’t have celiac disease, when they eat gluten. People with non-celiac gluten sensitivity may benefit from a gluten-free diet. But people with celiac disease must be gluten-free to prevent symptoms and disease-related complications. Healthy gluten free food Healthy…

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Italians Eat Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad: Rotini, parsley, onions, chives, red pepper

Italians eat pasta and salad, not just pasta. They do not have an entire plate of pasta Alfredo with a side of garlic bread. Italians mostly eat a vegetable diet. They regard meat and fish as a garnish or a side dish, not the main course. Italians eat a pasta salad Some Italians eat a pasta…

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